Work Of Art

Happy Wednesday fellow readers! Some of you may have already heard of the reality TV show, “Work Of Art”. Its put on by Bravo, Sarah Jessica Parker and her production company, Pretty Matches, and its a show about real artists competing against each-other for $100,000 and a show at the Brooklyn Museum!! Andy Warhol is in that museum – the creator of “POP” art. Now POP culture, in this case as defined by reality TV shows will be coming to his work…AAAHH!! Its blowing my MIIIND!

Even if it fails, which it definitely will in the artistic community, the fact is art is now in mainstream TV – with commercials – art is getting massive exposure to America. The conversation of what constitutes “good art” and the arguments that always ensure from that will be in the common conversation. I myself am not a fan of reality shows – but it doesn’t matter. Art, whatever the quality, whatever it may be, is among us now. We shall wait and see if the people who watch TV will make this show popular. It the nature of this almost social experiment is what excites me.

How will the art be judged? How will the artists react to said judgment? How conceptual will the conversation be? How will it be edited to the idea that American’s like person to person drama and how important will the whining and arguing be made in regards to the art?
Ok, no more talk. Videos are below. Can’t see them? Here’s a link!


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