Artistic Update

For all my patient readers, I am sorry for my absence on the blog-o-sphere these past two weeks. I would like to inform you that I have a happy reason for this. I have FINISHED the inkings, scanning, cleaning up, and laying out of my coloring book. I am almost done with writing a little blurb about each fantasy beast and their baby and I will be sending out my dummy (a little printed example of “look it how it will look, all COOL and stuff”) to Dover Publishing in the next week. If Dover doesn’t like it, I have another publisher I’m going to approach, and if THEY don’t like it, I’m self publishing.


Those who are on my mailing list will get three, large, final, un-watermarked images from my “Fantasy Beast Babies Coloring Book” I have chosen for downloading and printing.  If you would like to be involved in this free artistic give-away, sign-up on my mailing list by clicking here.

Have a lovely Tuesday, and I will be posting some sketches soon…starting my next coloring book due to popular demand: MERMAIDS!!


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