WINNER of the Name It And Win It Contest #01!


For those that missed it, the winner of the “Name It And Win It Contest #01” is Eirewolf, who named the creature a “Puff-Tailed Whiffersnap“!

I think this is clearly a Puff-Tailed Whiffersnap — because you only get a whiff of its knock-you-out scent glands before it truly knocks you out with its cleverly disguised whip of a tail. Only if you threaten it, of course. 😀

This means that Eirewolf with get a free, original painting of this little critter! However, since I really enjoyed the “Mokiho” from Marie:

It’s a Mokiho, “mo” for mouse because of the small little ears and puffy face, “ki” for squirrel because of the fuzzy tail (“qui” didn’t sound good) and “ho” for horse because of the overall look of a pony. ^-^

And the adorable name “Squiralinda” from Joe:

Squiralinda! She’s a jaunty, styling pretty not-quite-a-squirrel.

Both Joe and Marie will get an original sketch of this little critter as thanks for participating and posting such great entries! Happy MONDAY!


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