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Name It And Win It #01

Happy Sunday folks! This is the first ever “Name It And Win It” competition game. I draw a random creature, and you give the creature a name and a little reason why. I don’t mean like “Joey” or “Mike”, tho these be fine, strapping names. I mean What IS it? It is a Wolfertupper, a Tippernapper, a Fuzzywuzzer…what the heck is this thing I drew, because I have no idea. And then I need you to tell me why its named that – a little fact about the creature. For example, I might name this thing a Ponitty, because it seems to be part pony and part kitty, or…I might name it a Dandypanders, cause it eats dandelions. See where I’m going with this?
Leave your idea in the comments in this post (either actual blog or facebook will do) by next Monday the 15th. The winning name and reason/creature fact will get a free, original, finished painting of this little guy.

As far as an update: I am still inking those coloring book panels, and I am 2 MONTHS BEHIND ON “Panda’s Perfect Pocket”! FOR SHAME!!


3 thoughts on “Name It And Win It #01”

  1. It’s a Mokiho, “mo” for mouse beacause of the small little ears and puffy face, “ki” for squirrel because of the fuzzy tail (“qui” didn’t sound good) and “ho” for horse because of the overall look of a pony. ^-^

  2. I think this is clearly a Puff-Tailed Whiffersnap — because you only get a whiff of its knock-you-out scent glands before it truly knocks you out with its cleverly disguised whip of a tail. Only if you threaten it, of course. 😀

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