News News News! Well, More Like An Information Update

News #1
I finally got the title of my Panda story copyrighted! This means I don’t need to use the term “Code Named Panda” anymore on the blogosphere, I can actually tell you all now that officially, my book’s name is “Panda’s Perfect Pocket”.

News #2
This year, I have decided to finish one painting a month for Panda’s Perfect Pocket. I need a total of 13. I have one painting finished, so if I can manage this slightly aggressive timeline I could, technically, have the whole thing illustrated by the end of this year! We shall see how I manage to balance work and illustration. I started off really strong last year, but by July work became so demanding I was lucky if I had a lunch break, or even a weekend for that matter. I need a benefactor. Know anyone?

News #3
The daily sketches, well, no so daily as of late, but anyway my daily sketches that I am turning into my fantasy coloring book for kids have an actual plan now. I will be approaching Dover Publishing with it in April.  That should give me enough time to draw the rest of the pages and ink the whole set. I also know how many I need: 29-30. I have 13 so far, so that means 16-17 more to go! And if Dover doesn’t like it, then self publishing it is for this one!

News #4
You get to offer up ideas for fantasy creatures YOU would like to see! Just leave it in your comments.
The ones I know I will be doing still are:
1. Sea Monster
2. Ki’rin
3. Feathered Serpent

So, folks, what fantasy creatures would YOU like to see in this coloring book?
Comment below!


2 thoughts on “News News News! Well, More Like An Information Update”

  1. 4. Bearded Kraken
    5. Uni-Horned Snail
    6. Paddle footed Sea Urchin
    7. Winged Hippo
    8. Cephlopod with a water breathing apparatus sos he can breath on land
    9. Bears with saddles on em and steampunk foxes riding them (no furrys tho)

  2. NESSIE!!!!! I loved Nessie as a kid, he was so magical in his mystery and stealthy powers!

    Akupara – Turtle who holds the weight of the world on his back

    Kraken – a giant squid!!!! Who doesn’t love a giant squid with tentacles of gold! (hahaha, even if his tentacles weren’t figuratively gold, but really gold, so he couldn’t move them around…..what a predicament!)

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