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We Can Help Haiti

Whatever, and wherever you can give –

I am posting links to the relief efforts and projects that I trust and have donated to myself. Pick one, or all, and pass it on. We CAN help, and we do, even if we aren’t there.

While Facebook and cell phone donating is a great way to collect funds from people who would not otherwise donate, I encourage you to make your contributions directly to the organizations of your choice.  Cutting out the middleman removes unnecessary fees that reduce the impact of your gift.

I am a member of Child Fund. Its a fantastic organization that focuses on the healthy growth of children while combating starvation and poverty. They don’t have any stations set up in Haiti yet, but they have a few contacts and would like donations to be able to get started in Haiti. I have donated, because I believe in their mission and their methods for dealing with the aftermath of such a terrible disaster. Check them out when you have a moment.

And also, Soles4Souls is mounting a massive response of emergency relief to the victims of Haiti’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake near the capital city of Port-au-Prince. 3 million people are directly affected by the damage, and are in immediate need of the most basic necessities, like food, water, AND SHOES.

Soles4Souls is partnering with local shoe and sporting goods retailers to collect used shoes for men, women and children to be immediately shipped to Haiti, to help survivors locate others trapped in the rubble and begin the rebuilding process. As you can imagine, the amount of broken glass, twisted metal and raw sewage is staggering.  S4S is also partnering with others to supply new boots and shoes, tents, blankets, duffle bags, food and water.

You may donate gently worn shoes at one of their many local donation sites,

An excellent source for finding out how charities are doing with the efficiency of their funds.


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