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Coloring Book : Itsumade

Yesterday, I bought “The Dream Hunters”, written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. Had I known that these two artists that I treasure and follow independently of one another worked together due to encouragement by my much adored Studio Ghibli….I would have had a Joy Seizure much earlier in life. But no…I had my Joy Seizure last night…upon the discovery of this beautifully written and illustrated work of art at Borders Books. I read, I absorbed, I adore. In one particular moment, the main character meets an itsumade, sometimes considered the Japanese version of a gryphon. It has the head of a lion, body of an eagle, and a serpent for a tail. Yoshitaka Amano is an amazing illustrator/fine-artist/painter/dreamer, and the creature he portrayed was pure magic. I was inspired to do a coloring book page dedicated to that creature, because I think its gorgeous. So below you will find a scan of the image in the book (that doesn’t do this incredible piece justice and I hope you buy the illustrated novel and enjoy it), as well as my coloring book page!



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