Fashion Desires : Coat of my Dreams

This coat must be mine. It will be mine. As long as they don’t sell out from ModCloth before the end of January, I might be able to afford it…or not. This excellent piece is of soft, dark charcoal grey, double-layer collar, hidden snap closure, zipper cuffs, a sleek storm flap, back pleat, and black and white checkered satin lining. But hold the presses, my heart hijacking is not over yet. The capelet is removable, and the jacket looks just as stunning without it. Paired with a 20’s flapper hat and away goes my heart.
Behold, the outfit of my dreams for a warm walk on a chilly grey day with the love of my live, complete with links so you can either suffer with me in our pining, or you so something about it, unlike me, and posses these works of enveloping art. Click on the more below for the rest of the photos of the Grey-t Caper Coat, Louise Hat, Fiddle Boots, Spiced Cider Dress, and V is for Vixen Tights


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