What I've Been Working On

So, I mentioned I was working on a few things.
I designed and did some motion for the website for “Santa Buddies”, a Disney DVD mogul of a series. The movie is not something I loved as I am far too old to appreciate it, but we made the website pretty awesome, and its talking puppies. Please enjoy. Those peeps with kids, PLEASE enjoy. If your kids don’t like the site then I have failed.

Also, remember The Princess And The Frog? Our amazing team has updated the site, it has more content, great features, and all around kicks some serious sass. I can hardly wait for this animation to come out. I was very grateful I got to be part of this amazing movie in some way. This is a project I will remember, not just because of the sweat and the tears, but what I see as a cultural significance for all those girls, boys, and adults like myself, who needed to see a different princess.
Oh, and if you see any online banner campaigns, I had my design fingers in those as well.


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