RenderMonkey Update

As you have noticed, I have posted nothing for a few weeks. Not sketches, not entries. I finally have my wits about me to bring you up to speed:

My work, as challenging and wonderful as it already was, provided me with a fair amount of humbling and stress.  Being as I work slow in an industry where speed is greatly valued, I took it upon myself, and at the coaxing of my patient supervisors, to…well….kick my own butt. Figuratively, of course. To make up for my lack of speed, I spent my usual work free moments, weekends included, bettering my skillset to remain a valuable teammember.

I am still nowhere near the caliber of work I would like to be producing, so I am continuing spending time working on my day job abilities during times when I would usually work on my illustration.

For the next month, I am still dedicating myself to work during my usual playtime / me-time  / illustration-time. I hope to carve out time for a sketch when I can, and I will post here when I do.  As soon as some of the projects I’ve been working on go live, I will post the link here to share with you as well.

Much hugs! Draw on, and have a great night.

And a parting thought for the evening, a treat for those reading. This is what I wanted to be when I grew up:

I guess I would still love to be that. Maybe in my next life.


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