The Cat Piano

When this was first linked to me (Thank you Francis!) I saw the title, The Cat Piano, saw it was an animation, and made the totally incorrect judgment that this was going to be some student film with weak humor and moments of good animation. I laugh at weird cat pictures, I post them here all the time, but I don’t recall ever taking story telling about such furry creatures in fantasy tales seriously. I am not pleased by the depths of my ignorance. Please enjoy this chilling and beautiful short film which I am now a fan of.


The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo.

Year: 2009
Running Time: 8:00
Production Companies: The People’s Republic of Animation, Magic Films
Investors: Adelaide Film Festival, South Australian Film Corporation
Directors: Eddie White & Ari Gibson
Narrator: Nick Cave
Poem by: Eddie White
Producer: Jessica Brentnall
Executive Producers: Nick Cave, Sam White & Hugh Nguyen
Art Director: Jason Pamment
Animators: Ari Gibson, Makoto Koji, Alex Grigg, Benjamin Drake & Brodie McCrossin
Production Manager: Renee Boucher
Character Design: Ari Gibson, Eddie White, Makoto Koji & Alex Grigg
Editor: Jeremy Hill-Brooks
Music: Benjamin Speed
Supervising Sound Designer: Robert Mackenzie
Sound Designer: Tom Heuzenroeder
Compositing and VFX: Ben Steele, Raynor Pettger & Leath Mattner


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