Fashion Desires : Christian Louboutin intrigue

For those who do not know yet, I am a closet materialist. Closet, because I do not spend nearly as much as I would like to. However I am constantly admiring and wishing to own things I find beautiful to look at. It is all part of my enjoyment of visual indulgence as a source of inspiration for art and painting and life in general. Fabric, colors, silhouette, all delicious and desired by my eyes.

I also find that I attract to the work of certain artists, be they illustrators, painters, or fashion designers. In this case, I find myself often attracted to the Christian Louboutin shoe (click here for video with proper pronunciation). Those fierce heels and red lacquered soles, NOM NOM. I need to make something clear: just because something is a Louboutin does NOT mean I will like it. I am a traitor to fashionistas all over the world for this. I have no loyalty to any set of designers, and I am sorry. In this way I am neither a purist, nor dependable. I am the worst kind of client. Since that’s cleared up I can continue my story.

I was reading about Louboutin in Wikipedia, and I found something I thought was awesome. You can click here for the full article, but I would like to quote my favorite tidbits from it.

…As a child, Louboutin would regularly sneak out of school, from the age of 12, to watch the showgirls at some Paris nightclubs, because he was fascinated by their costumes, and cites this as his main inspiration for becoming a shoe designer: “[The showgirls] influenced me a lot. If you like high heels, it’s really the ultimate high heel – it’s all about the legs, how they carry themselves, the embellishment of the body. They are the ultimate icons.”…

And in this article, it mentioned that Angelina Jolie wore a pair of Louboutin’s in the movie Wanted. Now the part that surprised me, is I knew exactly which shoes they were talking about. I saw them clear as a strawberry in the midst of the brambles. They were creme heels with a round toe, she wore them with that beautiful dress. Call me a color masturbist, but I remembered that scene for the following:

Lithe woman in a stunning ivory dress, race-car-red Viper, fast flashes of the red car glistening reflections of street lights strobe-ing information back at the viewer. Woman leans back across the hood of the car and the flash of red under her shoes as her feet take the wheel – quick cuts, fast scenes, red white black, red white black –

Then I thought had better be sure, because I would be worried if I fabricated that entirely just now. I looked online, in clips, in the trailer, I did not see a shot of her feet during that scene. So I rented the movie. Yeah. I rented the movie again to see if my vivid memory about a shoe and outfit she wore was remembered correctly.

The distinct red sole of the shoe which brands it as a Christian Louboutin is seen for one frame. I shall repeat that, since there are 32 frames in a second, on average. I put the dvd on slow mode, and you can see the red laquer of this shoe for one 32-nd of a second.

This means, that out of an entire action movie with strobing lights, bullets, and hot women, I was shown the bottom of a shoe for 1/32 of a second, and I remembered the make, shape, and color of the shoe.

Now I really am concerned.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Desires : Christian Louboutin intrigue”

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