Can Hardly Wait For Sherlock Holmes, The Movie

This is a Sherlock Holmes movie due out this year, December 2009. When I first heard about it I was convinced it was absurd. I loved the books and the stories, but I felt the elegance and campy humor of the character would not translate into a good movie that I would find entertaining. So many movies already have had that suave, know-it-all characters that solve crimes due to the influence of Sherlock Holmes the books (and amongst many others of that genre) that movie audiences wouldn’t see anything new. So I brushed off the movie as another failed attempt.

Then I saw this trailer. I am seeing this in theaters. This trailer has me so excited about the angle they are taking on Sherlock: a brawly, dirty genius. Not to mention Robert Downey Jr. seems to have nailed the campy humor which I so delight in. Without further ado, enjoy:

Director: Guy Ritchie
Sherlock Holmes : Robert Downey Jr.
Dr. John Watson : Jude Law
Music By : Hans Zimmer
Costume Design : Jenny Beavan

and check out this last one:
Aerial coordinator : Marc Wolff
That job title would look awesome on a business card!


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