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Daily Sketch Wednesday : Stationary 1

I enjoy the tactile experience of writing a letter by hand, with a pretty pen, on pretty paper, trying to formulate a complete thought before writing it down..the whole process is something that takes effort, time, and I enjoy all of it very much. My favorite part, other than sending it to a friend, is choosing the paper and the envelope. So I went on a search for stationary. I was extremely disappointed. It seems, that to get any kind of stationary that is remotely logical, like a nice sheet of paper at a good size, more than one sheet per envelope, and a distinct style or look that is refreshing and some reflection of my mood without overwhelming the page, one needs to go to the specialty stationary store 50 miles from where I live. Everything else is cremes, monograms, one sheet of paper per envelope…etc.

It made me wonder…have I changed, have my standards for stationary changed really so much that I cannot find anything I like anywhere unless I go to a specialty shop? Or is it that people don’t write letters all. I know there’s less of it, obviously….but then wouldn’t that make the occasion of picking up a nice pen and fancy paper even MORE special? Wouldn’t it be an even bigger deal?

There’s PLENTY of thank you cards with what you want to write filled in FOR you….so..they must be selling well if there are so many of them.

Its just odd.

So, anyway, I’ve got a few ideas for stationary that I want to make for myself. I might be sketching them out this week. And here’s two ideas on one page.



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