Sarcasm I CAN understand

Those of you who know me personally have first hand experience with my “confused face” when someone is trying to be funny by way of sarcasm. The episode usually plays out like this: Funny guy enters conversation. Canny remark imbued with TV nostalgic references or other such smart stuff. Their genius wit is lost in my blank stare. “That was mean,” I state, unblinking. “Geez, I was being sarcastic…sorry..didn’t mean to offend,” is the usual response, to which I respond with my foot in fast route to my mouth, “Sarcasm is the lies of cowards.”
Yeah. I’ve nicknamed myself Buzz-kill.
Anyway, THIS I get, not that this makes my lack of humor any better, but at least you can understand the title of this entry now.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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