Update on my Absence from the BLOG WORLD

Vacation is over! And it was wonderful – hung with great friends, and…..drum roll..did NOT sketch every day. I know. I was on vacation – PERFECT time to sketch all day. All I have to say, is its amazing how distracting friends are. Then I came back, and did not break my sporadic sketching pattern – because I got super sick, but I had used my vacation days and needed to work anyway. SO last week, I think I sketched one thing. Also, my memories of last week are: Work, sneeze, eat, sleep, work, sneeze, eat sleep.

But all in all, I am ashamed. I broke my “one sketch a day”. But, as my weird happy punishment for myself, I plan to paint something this weekend to make up for all the sketches not done. Haha – yeah, weird punishment, but it works! I have to actually slot time in order to paint something, so it would be like catching up on the sketch time I kept forgetting about.

Also, SCANS are coming TONIGHT!

Its not 2 weeks of sketches, but there’s about 4-5 I think – so – I’M BACK! and I’m picking up my dropped baton, and continuing with daily sketches.WOOO!And, I’m not sneezing. Great feeling.

See you all tonight with scans!

Return of the Sketch Blog!
Return of the Sketch Blog!

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