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Where The Wild Things Are : Live Action Movie

OK. I had heard about a live action adaptation of a brilliant book called “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. I dismissed it as something I would never see, because I was convinced it would never work. Cole just sent me this awesome link to the movie. (Please forgive the super annoying ad)

I have put some of my favorite photos from it in this blog entry.
Visually, I am IN LOVE and completely floored. Each of these shots appears composed, and loved frame by frame. I am impressed and totally excited about seeing the movie. I have yet to get a trailer link on here for you guys, I just need to find one. Who knows, maybe once the kid opens his mouth I’ll think to myself “Oh dear. Never mind,” and be right back with my cynical view on the whole thing.

From Daily Sketches
From Daily Sketches
From Daily Sketches

Release Date : 16 October 2009

Production Design : K.K. Barrett

Story Board Artists are several on this one : Michael Anthony Jackson , Federico D’Alessandro , Ray Harvie , Darryl Henley , Michael Anthony Jackson ,and several more here


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