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Jamie Hewlett Worship

Jamie Hewlett is the visual genious/artist behind the Gorillaz, a band who has chosen to have their visage represented by amazing drawings and animation as opposed to the usually accepted photos.

Mr. Amazing Jamie has also been the creative visual force behind “Monkey, Journey to the West” , a Chinese circus opera. He designed the look, the costumes, and even did some drool-worthy animation for this classic Chinese story turned to thing I must go watch. It gives me chills. Someday I will meet this man, and maybe trick him into drawing on a napkin for me while we chat over some tea.

Anyway, I would like to share a brilliant quote of his from last year that pretty much sums up why I love my drawings so much as a child, and why I love children’s drawings SO MUCH:

“I like the way when you’re young your control of a pen is so rubbish and yet you can get these great shapes out of things.” (Full article is here :

Its so true!! SO TRUE! I tried explaining this idea to my friends, but me and words usually don’t get along, so I ended up stumbling through my vowels with them smiling and nodding, like good friends sometimes do. And here Jamie did it, smooth, easy, simple. I will quote him.

And now, cause I want to, time to share some of his work!

BBC OLYMPICS ©2008 Passion Pictures from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.


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