An interesting article about design

Although I don’t necessarily agree with this, this designer has an interesting viewpoint. Here’s a quick exerpt:

As a trend hunter, I have surrendered. Around the world, nothing seems truly new any more. Sure, there is mid-century modernism, and lots of craft, and the green movement – but no mega-trend that shakes the soul or evolves from one place to another. This isn’t really a surprise given our fast, modern connected world, but how many of us have thought about how this affects design, a discipline that has based its roots on influences and on sparking firestorms? Who do we actually affect any more?

As creatives we’re learning a new language, one which sounds more like cooking than designing. Today, what is important is the recipe, which most likely will be served with mash-ups, blends and a whole lot of tracks. A nice result of this chaos is that authenticity really stands out, as does anything considered classic, or pure. Even though it’s easy to really screw up a dish, the most brilliant of chefs can now rise from the global sameness. The talented have become valuable.

Our world is almost totally connected now, and we, as designers, must learn to create in a different way. The truth is, our current state of financial chaos is being mimicked by the design world, where, if there is any lone trend left, it is the trend of recycling past design movements and old ideas. The issue was so obvious, I never considered it before now. We are visually globalised. Business became global, the internet became global, so why didn’t I imagine that design trends would become global?”


Thanks Kevin for the link!


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