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Who knows what this is?

I must know!

Does anyone know what this little marshmallow taste of magic that I ate was, and where I can get more?? It was a sweet marshmallow patty with a little flavored marshmallow filling – but it…like what I said: like MAGIC!
I put here the package art, since I already ate what was inside:

From Daily Sketches

Now for those of you who want to be clever and say “oh I eat those all the time, you can get them anywhere!” My answer is “Well, I ate this:

From Daily Sketches

And it didn’t taste like magic. It tasted like sick. Yes, like sick. Not nearly as AMAZING!”So, for anyone that can help me, what is that amazing thing I ate and WHERE CAN I ORDER MORE?!?!

So, On my search to order some, I found this excellent site, but they don’t have what I need. However, being as its close to lunch, I’m starving, and looking at pictures of food, this place seems AWESOME!


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