And So It Begins

Well, I have decided to cast off the training wheels of the convenient yet cumbersome blog supplied by the mac program iWeb, and venture forth in the the wilderness which is WordPress, a genius and intelligent blogging device, the fruits of which you see before you. So, the project is the following: draw something every day, and post it, as well as continue writing about my projects and following up with visual updates

This was inspired by this amazing artist, Derek Thompson who presently works at Pixar. Check out his work here.

One of his projects was to draw something everyday and post it – albeit he had a monster theme, and is really talented. I figured it was a good way to get myself drawing again, everyday, even if its a scribble. I believe that drawing is like a muscle that needs to be used in order to develop and strengthen it, and I feel I am out of shape. I also enjoy goals, and this one is a challenge. I warn you now, even if I do manage to draw everyday, I might not be able to post everyday, but I will do my best.

So, to let ya know, my old “Blog O’ Progress” link is here if you feel so inclined to reminisce on my fledgling thoughts and projects.


1 thought on “And So It Begins”

  1. Wow, Tzannam, thanks. I have a commitment to write every day and I have not. You inspired me to do so. So I will. Thank you. I’ll keep you updated also.

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